Volker carrying out LED lighting upgrade in West Berkshire

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VolkerHighways has started a £7.2 million programme of works to replace over 10,000 street lights with new energy efficient LED lamps in West Berkshire.

This follows a successful Challenge Fund Bid by the council to the Department for Transport.

The works, commissioned by West Berkshire Council involve the removal of 10,200 existing lights and upgrading them to LED whilst also integrating them in to a central management system (CMS) and will take 44 weeks.

The CMS will allow the council’s highways team to directly monitor the lights for maintenance issues as well as dim or turn them off if required and is expected to produce a 50-60% saving on energy costs on completion of the project.

David Easton, VolkerHighways lighting business manager, said: “We are delighted to be working with West Berkshire Council to deliver this new phase of energy efficient lighting for residents and businesses around the district.
“VolkerHighways has been working with West Berkshire Council under a term contract arrangement since 2007 and to further extend our relationship by delivering additional quality works is a testament to the support we receive from the council.”

Garth Simpson, West Berkshire’s executive member for highways and transport, added: “We are pleased to be working with VolkerHighways to continue the progress being made to convert our street lights to more energy efficient LED’s. LED lighting is not only efficient but energy saving and cost effective too, which will offer West Berkshire great long term savings across the board.”
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