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TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) has partnered with Colas to launch a new roadside working training course for professionals required to operate or stop on the roadside.

Created by road safety experts from both TRL and Colas, the course aims to help reduce the number of roadside injuries and fatalities by raising awareness of roadside working risks and arming workers with the knowledge they need to create and maintain a safer roadside working environment.

The one-day course is designed to provide attendees with everything they need to plan for, and work safely at, the roadside.

Malcolm Palmer, senior safety consultant at TRL, said: “While those such as recovery drivers or road workers receive training on roadside safety, there are many other professions which require employees to stop at the roadside for which training is not provided, ultimately putting worker safety at risk. The course aims to bridge this gap and deliver a safer worker environment for all, while also tackling other common driver safety issues.”

Ryan Wood, technical manager at Colas, added: “The course is aimed at anyone who is required to stop at the side of the road as part of their work, whether that be on the motorway or local roads. This could be emergency workers, accident investigation teams, those responsible for conducting surveys into road conditions, noise levels or air quality or those undertaking construction tasks. By educating employees about the risks and dangers of working on the roadside, we hope we can start to lower the number of accidents in the UK.”

The course will be available at nine locations across Great Britain including: Birmingham, Exeter, Grantham, Gatwick, Leeds, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Warrington and the Isle of Man. It can also be delivered at employer’s offices upon request. For more information contact
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