Highways Agency reform approval welcomed by chief executive

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Graham Dalton has welcomed the news that the government has given the green light for Highways Agency reform.

Last week Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin approved wide-ranging reforms to the Highways Agency that will see it become a government-owned company in less than a year.

The Highways Agency chief executive (pictured) said: “Government has promised long-term funding and a step-change in the way that strategic roads are managed and maintained. Now we and our partners in the supply chain need to rise to the challenge.

“The change to a government-owned company will put us in the best place to deliver the huge step-up in investment pledged by the government. As a government-owned company, we will have the commercial flexibility to work more efficiently and effectively, and to respond to the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders.

“The government’s announcement shows their confidence in us to deliver the strategic road network of the future and I welcome it wholeheartedly.”
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