Potholes painted with white lines in Gloucester

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A series of potholes in Gloucester have been ‘filled’ – by painting white lines through them.

According to a report in the Western Daily Press, the work – carried out on behalf of Gloucestershire County Council by subcontractors – has left motorists fuming.

Motorists hoping to see potholes on the A417 at Highnam filled were shocked to see workmen just add a splash of white paint.

One said: "I'm not technical but would think you should fill potholes before painting them. The potholes are in an awkward place and the paint has now obscured them.

"Several large potholes were marked for filling in Highnam about four weeks ago and have not yet been filled."

Councillor Vernon Smith, cabinet member for highways, said the re-marking of lines often took place on areas where old tarmac meets new tarmac.

He said: "These areas are more susceptible to holes developing as the tarmac is weaker there. However, the holes aren't large and are not considered dangerous.

"The road markings were a priority and the work has been carried out to ensure the lines are clear."
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