Jean Lefebvre (UK) achieves UKAS accreditation

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Technical consultancy Jean Lefebvre (UK) has recently achieved UKAS accreditation, extending its scope to over 25 individual laboratory tests.

These cover bitumen and aggregate conformity testing, design and testing of bituminous materials, high modulus and cold recycled bound material designs and pavement surface testing and assessments.

This accreditation is formal recognition by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) of Jean Lefebvre’s technical and organisational competence to carry out a wide range of testing to a consistent standard and demonstrates the reliability of results delivered.

Jean Lefebvre (UK) offer the full range of accredited wheeltracking tests to European standard including small wheeltracking, dry and submerged methods, and large wheeltracking.

The extension to scope to include the submerged wheeltracker provides Jean Lefebvre with the ability to determine the stripping point of a bituminous material, enabling enhanced durability performance testing and increased water sensitivity analysis.
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