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Thieves are specifically targeting rollers when stealing plant machinery, according to research carried out by equipment tracking specialist AMI Group.

The company, which protects over £245 million worth of customers assets across the UK with AMI tracking devices, has analysed all of its plant theft recoveries nationwide so far this year and rollers have been identified as a ‘hot’ target for plant criminals.

Peter Stockton, operations director at AMI Group, said: “The review we carried out revealed a marked increase in the theft of rollers from both construction sites and customer depots. This equipment tends to be smaller in size than much of the larger plant machinery so it is easier for criminals to conceal and transport in a panel van. Thieves may automatically presume that rollers don’t have a tracking device fitted so it is an easier option than larger kit which is more likely to have telematics fitted and overt property marking such as CESAR (The Construction & Agricultural Equipment Security and Registration Scheme).”

AMI Group’s plant theft review also corresponds with the findings in the latest report (Issue 1 2016) issued by PANIU (Plant & Agricultural National Intelligence Unit) which states that ‘PANIU is seeing steady increases in the theft of smaller items. Tandem rollers, dumper trucks and the mini excavator remain popular to the criminal networks.’
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