Campaign group calls for 20mph limit in Scotland

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Road safety group 20’s Plenty for Us has called on the Scottish government to change the national speed limit from 30mph to 20mph on urban roads.

According to the group, the majority of the largest 40 UK authorities have found the ‘national speed limit’ of 30mph not fit for purpose.

The group claim that changing the national limit to 20mph whilst letting local authorities sign the small number (perhaps up to 10%) of urban roads that might warrant a higher speed limit makes more sense economically than suggesting that cash-strapped local authorities pay to sign 90% of roads 20mph.

20’s Plenty for Us say traffic regulation order legal costs would be minimal. They add that only a comparatively small number of 30mph signs would need to be installed (versus many thousands of 20mph signs). Finally, police can more easily enforce default 20mph as it presents fewer issues than having a patchwork of speeds and some drivers violating limits claiming confusion.

Rod King MBE, founder of 20’s Plenty for Us, said: “The Scottish government can do better than in England by making 20mph their national default limit as soon as possible. 20mph is proven as best practice, popular and the cost effective way to do it is as a national limit. Drivers are more likely to take notice, be engaged with 20mph and voluntarily reduce their speeds. Compliance is maximised and there are fewer enforcement issues.”
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