New asset-led delivery model goes live in Area 7

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A new asset-led delivery model has gone live in Area 7 (East Midlands) on the strategic road network today (1 July 2016).

Highways England has brought key asset management capability in-house for the first time in a brand new way of working.

The new approach to maintenance and delivery is now in action following the end of the existing managing agent contract in the area, held by A-one+, on 30 June.

It will see Highways England taking more ownership of investment decisions, increasing its intelligence on local factors that influence where work is needed and taking on board many roles not previously undertaken. These include network occupancy, scheme identification and decision-making around incidents such as severe weather.

Mike Wilson, Highways England operations director, said: “This is a massive achievement for Highways England. This new delivery model is symbolic of our commitment to continually driving improvement in how our roads are maintained, improved and operated, so that we can provide the best possible quality of service to our customers.

“We are looking forward to working collaboratively with our new colleagues from the supply chain over the coming months and years, and believe that this approach will benefit all parties, from the supply chain through to drivers on our roads.”

The asset-led approach to maintenance and delivery will enable Highways England to:

  • Take direct ownership of the aspects of delivery which are core to performance, which will most directly affect customers and reputation

  • Take ownership of investment decisions and increase direct knowledge of the asset and the factors which generate waste and inefficiency

  • Increase its intelligence on local factors that influence where work is needed

  • Create new, collaborative and direct relationships with the supply chain community to identify innovations in planning, scheduling and the methods employed to improve the quality and value for money of these services.

Area 7 comprises 215 carriageway miles of motorway, including stretches of the M1, M69 and M6, and 681 carriageway miles of trunk roads, including stretches of the A1, A14, A42, A5 and A46.

The asset-led delivery model will be rolled out in the South West (Areas 1 and 2) and either side of the Pennines (Areas 13 and 14) later this year.
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