Essex CC trialling new road markings

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Trials of new longer-lasting road markings could save taxpayers thousands of pounds, according to Essex County Council.

Engineers will use the methyl methacrylate (MMA) process for the first time in Colchester and Chelmsford in Essex when repainting white lines on the Army and Navy Roundabout this week.

According to the local authority, the new process is proven to keep road markings clearer for longer, helping improve safety while saving money on road maintenance costs.

The council say current “thermoplastic” materials used can wear rapidly with heavy traffic use.

The use of MMA will be a trial with a view to rolling it out across the county if successful.

Councillor Rodney Bass, Essex County Council cabinet member for infrastructure, said: “We look forward to seeing the results of this new material and particularly how well it holds up under heavy traffic over time.

“If successful, this trial could be rolled out across the county and reduce maintenance costs, saving the taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds.

“It is essential that we take advantage of the newest and most innovative techniques to ensure we get the best value for money for the taxpayer on Essex roads.”

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