Isle of Wight set for 20mph limits

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Isle of Wight Council has voted for 20mph limits to be introduced in built up areas across the Island.  

Councillor Julie Jones-Evans’ motion called for 20mph limits for “'residential streets, town and village centres, and where people work and learn.”

She organised a conference on 20mph limits in Newport earlier this year and invited Rod King MBE, founder of 20’s Plenty for Us.

Cllr Jones-Evans said “The Island has the second highest number of people killed and injured on the road, of comparative areas[1].”

For 20mph were 80% of councillors (26) with three against and three abstentions. The decision still has to be considered by the Isle of Wight executive members.

Cllr Jones Evans said: “The decision by Full Council to back 20mph in key areas is a massive leap forward and sends out a strong message that the IW Council wishes to build and strengthen our communities.

“I can't thank Rod King enough for attending the recent conference. Groups across the Island now feel empowered to make this change happen. This marks the beginning of long term engagement across the Island.”

Rod King MBE, founder of 20’s Plenty for Us, added- “What was clear from the conference was the call to address vehicle speeds on the Island’s roads. Communities are being blighted by traffic speed with 30mph endorsed as the norm. Like so many other communities islanders want their streets to be better places that support residents and visitors who wish to walk, cycle and live within their villages and towns. Other counties and places are setting a 20mph standard for community roads and it makes sense for the Isle of Wight to look at how to gain these benefits as well.”
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