3M safety system deployed in North Tyneside

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3M have been awarded a two-year project, commissioned by Highways England, to improve safety for road workers and users of the A19/A1058 Coast Road junction in North Tyneside.

The company’s Temporary Automatic Speed Camera at Roadworks (TASCAR) system will be used at the junction.

Currently, the junction suffers severe congestion at peak times and has an accident rate 50% higher than the national average.

The improvements to the junction involve lowering the A19 beneath the existing roundabout and constructing a replacement bridge to support the A1058 Coast road across the junction.

Temporary roadworks can be dangerous with narrow lanes, contraflows and the workforce being in close proximity to fast-moving traffic. To reduce both the speed of motorists and congestion while construction takes place, 3M has deployed 26 of its Average Speed Cameras.

The 3M solution eliminates some of the hazards that can be caused by spot speed cameras such as harsh breaking. With correct signage, drivers know that they are approaching an average speed enforcement zone, enabling them to adjust their speed and smooth the flow of traffic.

As the cameras are able to operate using wireless communications, all the electronics required for the camera are contained inside a single unit.

3M has teamed up with WJ, a leading road marking specialist company, for the project.

Dr Benjamin Watson, global technical manager at 3M, said: “We understand how important it is to ensure motorists stick to the enforced speed limits when travelling through temporary roadworks for both their own safety and that of the workforces.

“Average speed cameras are one of the tools that play a vital part in meeting that objective. 3M and WJ look forward to delivering a successful safety camera project for everyone involved.”
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