Alarms to protect workers from public abuse

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More than 450 individual safety devices have been issued to highways workers at Ringway to protect them on site from a variety of on-site hazards ranging from emergencies to verbal and physical abuse from the public.

Ringway Jacobs is now planning to distribute these devices for similar lone worker tasks.

The moves come after an extensive investigation trailing various mobile devises and tools, which has seen Ringway opt to use the the Skyguard lone worker device.

During the trials the Skyguard device had to be used for medical assistance to alert the emergency services, who were on site with the injured party within seven minutes the device being activated.

Another incident occurred when a Ringway winter maintenance spreader hit a patch of black ice and fell onto its side after careering off the road. The driver was not hurt but able to alert Skyguard team using the device and call an ambulance.
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