New section of A590 opens after 'dip' work

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A new section of the A590 in Cumbria has been opened after a £1 million engineering project to tackle flooding.

Drivers have started using the brand new section of the road at Lindal near Ulverston sas the 4 month project nears its completion at the end of the week.

Lindal 'Dip' before and after photographs: this

Key elements of the construction work have included moving the carriageway 7 metres north west of the previous alignment and raising it by up to almost 2 metres in places – removing the so-called Lindal ‘dip’ and solving the flooding issue which in bad weather often required temporary traffic lights to manage traffic past the rain water.

Highways England project manager Peter Gee said, “Lindal Dip is no more. The completion of this work means we can keep the road fully open during bad weather, giving drivers safer and more reliable journeys.   We know a lot of people will share our satisfaction in completing this long-awaited project and we’d like to thank local people and drivers for their patience with the road works over the last few months.”

The flooding was caused by a combination of factors including the carriageway dip and water from several sources, including the local road network, collecting on the A590.

As well as building a brand new 100 metre raised and realigned section of road with eastbound and westbound carriageways, an innovative ‘infiltration’ system has also been constructed – using a 1.2 metre diameter drainage pipe to help store rain water before slowly releasing it away.
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