Businesses offered funding to encourage cycling and walking

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The Government's offering grants totalling up to £470,000 to organisations with what they call "innovative projects that lead to people walking and cycling more".

It says innovations may include technology, infrastructure, manufacturing or behavioural change.

The government says its vision is for cycling and walking to become the natural choice for shorter journeys. The Department for Transport  is funding this competition and is inviting proposals which remove current barriers to walking and cycling and encourage people to make more journey stages to by bicycle or on foot.

It says it will focus on better safety, saying that safety and safety perceptions are among the biggest barriers for people wanting to take up cycling and walking; better mobility to make cycling and walking normal, easy and enjoyable, we need better links and networks to key destinations and better streets - well-designed and accessible streets can encourage people to walk or cycle more as part of their daily routine.
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