UK "unprepared" for electric car take-up

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A new report is warning that the UK’s energy networks are not ready for a surge in electric cars and solar panels that is coming within the next few years.

The Guardian quotes the Green Alliance warning that clusters of the battery powered cars could result in 1% of the UK experiencing unplanned drops in voltage – potentially damaging electronic equipment – without action by 2020.

It says the thinktank warned that as few as six electric vehicles located near one another, most likely in an affluent neighbourhood, could lead to such “brownouts” because charging one car requires a similar amount of electricity as a typical home uses in three days, and simultaneous demand at a local level could damage networks without costly reinforcements.

It says network operators want people to use smart chargers, which can defer when cars are topped up, but most of the 12,000-plus charging points in the UK are “dumb”, with smart technology largely only used in pilot projects.
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