Schmidt launches fully electric sweeper


Schmidt  is launching a zero emission, fully electric ‘e’ version of its Swingo 200+ sweeper in May.

The new ‘Generation E’ compact sweeper operates entirely on electric power without generating any emissions, thanks to a rechargeable battery with a capacity of more than 60 kWh.

With lower energy and maintenance costs and a longer operating life, the costs of the eSwingo 200+ over its life cycle are on par with those of the diesel version.

‘Our requirements when it came to developing our new electric sweeper were clearly defined,’ said Tobias Weissenrieder, sweeping and agriculture manager at ASH Group, of which Schmidt is part.

He added: ‘The suction power and the volume of the hopper are the same as that of the diesel model, and customers should be able to complete a full shift, working for up to 10 hours, with this machine.

‘There was never any question of us making compromises. The eSwingo 200+ combines efficiency and sustainability in a unique way. With the renewable generation of power, each machine automatically produces zero CO2 emissions.’

The ASH Group has developed the ‘Generation E’ concept to offer both municipal authorities and private service providers sustainable technology and a package covering all the service, maintenance and performance needs of the new all-electric model.

Examples include a compatible charging station with a monitoring function; a GPS-based telematics solution to boost performance and optimise route planning; and advice on all aspects of infrastructure, energy demand, maintenance concepts and fleet set-up.

All battery servicing and diagnostics are provided by the ASH Group, while any used batteries can be returned and recycled free of charge.

The new eSwingo 200+ will make its first public appearance from 14 – 18 May 2018 at the IFAT trade fair in Munich on the ASH Group stand in the open-air section 709/15.

Schmidt is also launching a new diesel version the Swingo 200+ from the Autumn of 2018 with a fully Euro6C compliant engine.












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