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Colas UK is a leading infrastructure contractor, spearheading ambitious projects at home and overseas and delivering excellent customer service to our private and public sector customers from governments and local authorities to developers and local businesses.

On the drawing board or the construction site, Colas is a thinking contractor, providing unique and genuinely end-to-end solutions for complex large-scale projects and for smaller bespoke concepts.

French-owned Colas SA is a world leader in construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure, with 58,000 employees in over 50 counties. With the backing of this international parent, Colas UK’s customer-focused approach is underpinned by the financial firepower and world-class R&D of this truly global infrastructure giant. Every year, some 70 million euros are spent on research which feeds through to customers, with access in the UK to the know-how and expertise gained from 85,000 projects undertaken internationally every year.

We pride ourselves that Colas customers have the best of both worlds - the innovation, methods and pioneering concepts in mobility from our global repertoire, alongside our 95-year track record in the UK infrastructure sector and the knowledge and deep-understanding of the British market that goes with our history. We are very proud of our past and work hard to serve our loyal customers.

Our end to end offer – Invest, Design, Manufacture, Construct, Maintain and Operate – allows us to design local tailored plans for customers, but also to deliver every aspect of large-scale ambitious projects. We have expertise in aerospace, marine and mining as well as infrastructure.

Innovation, sustainability and environmental best practice are key to Colas in the UK. Working with supply chain partners, fellow contractors, local communities – and customers, of course – we challenge stereotypes, often transforming the options for customers, and tailor solutions to ensure excellent results.

With our smart thinking approach, using innovative products and international techniques, we help customers’ visions become reality. We represent a rethink in the sector and our customers know that Colas opens the way.

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