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Shell Bitumen is the world’s largest marketer of bitumen, with over 1,600 customers across 28 countries, and has been serving the bitumen industry since 1920!

For nearly 100 years Shell has been a leader in bitumen solutions. We have developed a broad portfolio of premium products and service offerings customised to meet the needs of roads and infrastructure projects. We understand the challenges our customers face and we know how to solve them. We’ve used that knowledge to create world-class, premium bitumen products to help address your challenges.

Our full range of pen and premium grades are designed and used in roads, runways and racetrack applications:

Reducing odour, emission & energy consumption
🠞Shell Bitumen Low Temp (LT) – reducing your energy consumption during asphalt production up to 30 °C
🠞Shell Bitumen FreshAir – Odour neutralising bitumen solutions and reducing impact on air quality
🠞Shell Mexphalte C – reducing power for lighting and in turn energy consumption up to 40% in tunnels by using light coloured asphalts

Increasing predictability, durability, productivity & safety
🠞Shell Cariphalte – for durable longer-lasting roads, runways and racetracks with more than 40 years’ expertise
🠞 Shell Bitumen LT –, for better asphalt compaction
🠞 Shell Mexphalte C – for improved visibility in tunnels, cycle lanes and bus lanes with a durable asphalt solution

Reusing recycled materials
🠞 Shell Bitumen Low Temp (LT) – for use with recycled asphalt pavement, over 15 years’ experience with bitumen and RAP
🠞 Shell Cariphalte Recycling (RC) – for durable longer-lasting roads with recycled asphalt pavement

Global reach, local touch:
🠞 9 bitumen manufacturing facilities across 5 continents (>50% in Europe)
🠞 Worldwide network of 25 terminals operating with Shell’s industry leading standards (20% in Europe)
🠞 Multimodal logistics capability involving trucks, railcars, barges and marine
🠞 One of the largest dedicated R&D centres in the world
🠞Shell Trading, one of the largest energy trading operations in the world, with a global network of more than 15 companies

Shell Bitumen’s solutions have been used to pave some of the world’s most iconic roads including:
🠞Formula One tracks in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore and Silverstone
🠞Some of the UK’s busiest motorways: the M1, M25 and M6 toll road, German Autobahn A20 & A2, A54 motorway (France), E17 motorway (Belgium) and HongKong-Makau, the largest seacrossing bridge in the world

When you work with Shell Bitumen, you don’t just get great solutions, you get a close partnership.

Shell Bitumen image
Shell Bitumen image

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