Metal detecting survey to be carried out on A9

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A major metal detecting survey is set to get underway on the site of the Battle of Killiecrankie, as part of the Scottish government’s work to dual the A9.

The survey work to start this summer will provide information for developing plans to dual the A9 between Killiecrankie and Pitagowan, but could also unearth new finds and improve knowledge of Scotland’s military history of the 1689 battle between the Jacobite army and government forces.

Transport Minister Derek Mackay said: “Our work to dual the A9 will bring undoubted improvements for road users in the future, but the road could also open a window on Scotland’s past.
“With the first in a series of local exhibitions covering four of the A9 dualling projects starting in Killiecrankie today, I’m also delighted to announce we will soon be appointing a specialist contractor to carry out metal detecting surveys on the sections of the battlefield near the A9.

“The surveys will provide valuable information to allow us to refine designs for the road’s upgrade, but could also unearth more hidden battlefield treasures. Previous finds here at Killiecrankie include the first grenades ever used on a battlefield in the UK and there is every chance of more of these types of finds which could shed new light on the battle here at the Pass of Killiecrankie all those years ago.

“When complete I hope our rich historical tapestry will benefit from this survey work as much as a new upgraded A9 will better serve road users right across Scotland.”
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