Stafford road scheme gets go ahead

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A growth boosting road scheme has been given the go ahead after Staffordshire County Council approved plans to purchase land along the route.

The Stafford Western Access Route will support the continued growth of the county town and enable thousands of new homes to be built, provide for new employment land to create thousands more jobs and relieve traffic congestion in the town centre. This will also improve access to increased rail services through Stafford and its connection to HS2.

The county council cabinet is committed to the delivery of the scheme as soon as possible; with compulsory purchase powers (CPOs) meaning land can be bought without delay. The cabinet has also approved additional funding for the scheme, which will be borrowed and reclaimed through developer contributions, future business rates and additional council tax generated from new homes. The county council contribution to the project will be £11.6million in total.

Staffordshire County Council’s economic growth leader Mark Winnington said: “The Stafford Western Access Route is an essential part of Stafford’s ambitious growth plans. It will enable future development contained in the borough’s local plan to happen – notably the delivery of thousands of new homes and business, office and retail space. The route will unlock millions of pounds worth of future investment in Stafford. Future economic growth ensures people can access better paid jobs leading to more prosperous communities. These will also be places where there are more opportunities and people enjoy healthier more independent lives.”
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