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Mobile Visual Information Systems (MVIS) has developed a temporary journey time solution (JTS) that has been in constant use throughout the installation of a smart motorway on the M1.

In partnership with traffic management specialist Vysionics, MVIS developed a temporary JTS for continuous operation throughout the two-year installation of the smart motorway scheme between junctions 28 and 31 of the M1.

At an estimated cost of between £168m and £225m, the installation by international engineering and construction group, Costain, began in October 2013, and has an expected completion date of autumn 2015.

The temporary JTS was required in order to enhance the experience of 170,000 road users across both carriageways every day for the project’s entire duration, as they negotiate the roadworks involved in the transition of the section into a smart motorway, minimising journey disruption and promoting safety.

MVIS sold to Costain eight of its VMS-C signs to communicate with Vysionics’ own Vector integrated ANPR cameras via MVIS’ Web Studio web-based sign management and control system, providing real time journey information to drivers at strategic points along the route.

The cameras send vehicle number plate data back to a remote server which calculates journey times, and the average journey time is relayed to MVIS’ signs throughout the works. In this way, drivers are enabled to plan alternative routes as appropriate.

When necessary, control centre operators can override the default journey time information display with additional driver information, for example regarding incidents ahead, thereby negating the need for additional signs.

This is the second time that MVIS has worked in partnership with Vysionics on a temporary JTS for application during a smart motorway transition. In 2012, the companies delivered a solution for use during the M4/5 managed motorway installation.

Costain’s senior agent for traffic management Howard Dukes said: “MVIS is establishing a name as a leader in temporary JTS, and the M1 solution is a reliable means of providing drivers with the information they need in order to negotiate roadworks safely and with minimum delay.”

MVIS’ sales manager Graeme Lee added: “This is the first time that we have sold our signs for long-term, constant use within a JTS solution on a smart motorway scheme, and we are tremendously proud to be playing such an important role in this significant project.”
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