Queensferry Crossing towers on the way up

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Construction of the Queensferry Crossing in Scotland is continuing to progress well with all three towers now standing at half of their final 210 metre height.

Infrastructure Secretary Keith Brown visited the crossing’s north tower to view the latest progress in building the new bridge over the Forth.

Speaking during a visit to the tower’s deck platform, he said: “I feel lucky to get such a close look at the tower and deck construction and it’s here that the true size of this structure and the sheer scale of the operation underway to construct the Queensferry Crossing hit home.

“There are now over 1,000 people working on the project in what is a 24 hour operation out on the water. Visiting in the middle of winter reminds us only too well of the harsh and challenging conditions those building the bridge will continue to face before the bridge opens in late 2016.”
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