Penalty points don’t mean prizes, research finds

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Penalty points on driving licences are costing UK motorists over £132 million a year in higher insurance premiums, according to new research by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) and MoneySuperMarket.

Of these it’s the drivers with the highest number of points who are unsurprisingly paying the most – those with 10-11 points, and 12 or more have respectively paid 81.8% and 89.3% more for their car insurance.

In terms of regions, motorists in London, Glasgow and Birmingham are having to shell out the most, paying more than £8m, £4m and £3m respectively in more expensive insurance.

The IAM and MoneySuperMarket have calculated the increase in premiums for drivers with one to three penalty points, four to six points, seven to nine, 10-11, and 12 or more for every postcode area of the country, as well as major towns and cities.

The research shows that even getting the lowest number of points (between one and three) is costing drivers in London more than £2.4m, Glasgow £1.5m and Birmingham more than £1.2m.

It adds that across the UK those with one to three points will pay an extra £49.5m in higher insurance, those with four to six points an extra £57.4m, seven to nine £18.9m, 10-11 £3.5m and 12 or more £2.6m.

The full top 10 is:


London                       £8,079,529

Glasgow                      £4,080,190

Birmingham               £3,423,840

Nottingham                £2,833,865

Newcastle                   £2,642,079

Cardiff                         £2,586,075

Sheffield                     £2,535,609

Edinburgh                 £2,070,783

Swansea                     £2,036,358

Manchester                £2,026,561


Sarah Sillars, IAM chief executive officer, said: “If people don’t understand the safety dangers of the offence they have committed which has earned them the penalty points, they should certainly understand the damage it will do to their bank balances.

“And someone with multiple points and fines is paying through the nose for car insurance; just think what other things they could use that money for. Driving safely could put thousands back into your pocket.”

Kevin Pratt, insurance expert, MoneySuperMarket, added: “When it comes to driving offences, points definitely don’t mean prizes. In fact, points on your driving licence mean pounds – extra pounds payable on your car insurance. Insurers want to know about your motoring offences so they can build up a picture of what kind of driver you are.”
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