Construction of Aberdeen bypass continues

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Twenty-seven beams will be used to construct the North Deeside and Fishermyre to Clayfold Road bridges in Scotland.

The bridges, which are being built as part of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route/Balmedie-Tipperty (AWPR/B-T) project, will be delivered between Friday 4 November and Sunday 6 November.

The deliveries for North Deeside Road will take place on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 November and will include six beams at 44m long, which will have a police escort, and six beams at 29m long, which will be self-escorted.

The deliveries for the Fishermyre to Clayfolds Road Bridge (U88K) will involve 15 33m long beams, which are expected on Friday 4 November and Saturday 5 November.

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said: “The contractor has been working closely with Police Scotland and the local authorities to minimise any inconvenience that may be caused due to these beam deliveries.

“All beam deliveries are integral to the project, which will have 75 principal structures, including two river crossings, one railway bridge, and over 70 culverts. A significant number of these deliveries are expected over the next six months or so.

“We would like to thank road users and the local community for their on-going support and patience during the construction work.”
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