HE appoints Ramboll Environ to help improve environmental performance

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Ramboll Environ has been appointed by Highways England to improve the environmental performance of its road network across the UK.

Its appointment includes:

  • Developing a new environment strategy that will guide all Highways England’s environmental activities for the next five years

  • Helping Highways England design and deliver a ring-fenced £300 million Environment Fund (£225m in the first five years) that will target an ambitious programme of environmental improvements that go beyond ‘business as usual’ and offer solutions at the forefront of environmental thinking

  • Developing a series of key performance indicators to enable better measurement of environmental performance throughout the duration of the improvement programme.

Bram Miller, director of Ramboll Environ and strategic sustainability specialist, said: “Two per cent of England’s roads carry one-third of all national traffic and two-thirds of all national freight traffic, bringing an inevitable environmental impact as well as economic and logistical benefits. This is an important move and we’re pleased to be supporting Highways England improve the environmental performance of both the existing network and of the substantial improvements that will be implemented over the next few years.”

The project will be delivered over 18 months, starting immediately.
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