Shell commits to long-term European bitumen supply

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Shell is committing to the long-term supply of bitumen in Europe by increasing its supply capabilities at its Pernis refinery near Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

The company says it has established a "robust" bitumen supply chain in Europe, following the decision late last year to invest in a solvent deasphalter (SDA) unit at the Pernis refinery, with a view to improve its performance and competitiveness.

“We expect to be supplying bitumen for the long term here at Pernis, as we continue to increase our supply capabilities to meet future demands,” said Jos Van Winsen, General Manager of Pernis refinery.  “The SDA being built at Pernis will not impact our bitumen production activities.”

Shell has further increased bitumen production capacities in Pernis and Rheinland, backed up by bitumen supply from Shell joint venture refineries, such as Eastham in the UK, Miro in Karlsruhe and PCK in Schwedt, Germany.

“Today in Europe there are 30% fewer refineries producing bitumen than a decade ago, and we see this downturn as consistent with market demand.  We are committed to provide our European customers, with reliable bitumen supply for the long term,” said Thomas Moons, General Manager of Shell Bitumen, Europe and Africa (pictured).

Shell’s Pernis facility is the largest integrated refinery complex in Europe and occupies a strategic location in the Rotterdam industrial region.  Shell continues to invest and increase its bitumen supply capabilities in the European market, especially in the Rotterdam area.  It says this is in contrast to the rest of the market, which has recently seen two refineries shutting bitumen production operations in the Rotterdam area.
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