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Work on the £130 million Heysham to M6 link road is nearing completion.  

The scheme, which is being carried out by Costain, will connect the Heysham peninsula directly to the M6, providing better access to Morecambe and industrial areas that include the Port of Heysham and the Heysham power stations.

The new road, soon to be known as the Bay Gateway, will make the area more appealing for businesses by reducing travel times and increasing connections to the regional and national road network. It will also reduce congestion and help people to get around the area as well as opening up new job opportunities.

The main part of the scheme involves constructing a 4.8km dual carriageway from the A589 between Morecambe and Lancaster to an upgraded Junction 34 on the M6, with additional measures to improve transport in Lancaster including a Park and Ride facility.

October has been targeted for the opening of the 4.8km stretch of dual carriageway. The project is around 90% complete. Project manager Richard Helme said: “With the 12 major structures, bulk earthworks and the first layers of road complete, focus has now turned to completing the verges, safety barriers, lighting, fencing, footpaths, bridleways and various side roads.

“We also have some key traffic phasing on the road network left to complete. This will open up new sections of road to the public, and allow us to gain access to the final work areas.

“Following road opening there will also be a large amount of seasonal planting to complete, with over 180,000 shrubs and trees ranging from new hedges to mature trees.”
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