Major works prioritised ahead of local repairs says survey of users

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Almost half of all road users believe that local councils prioritise major roads projects ahead of highways repair work according to a new survey by technology company Yotta.

The 43% of road users who feel repair work is not prioritized is similar to the 44% of respondents who have complained to their local authority over the state of the road network. In contrast, just 18% of respondents complained over the state of the major highways network.

Simon Topp, Yotta’s director of marketing and international business, said: “It’s clear that there is a significant disconnect between the public and the authorities when it comes to the repair of the road network.

“Problems with local roads affect more people every day and yet there’s a perception that the majority of the budget is going towards maintaining major cross-country routes, which many people may only use occasionally,” says.

“When almost half care enough about the state of their neighbourhood roads to contact the authorities about their experience – with more than a quarter (26%) complaining multiple times – then it’s clear that people are dissatisfied with the way budget is allocated.”

The survey also showed even higher levels of discontent in Scotland, where 54% of respondents believed that the authorities prioritised major roads with just highways 4% believing local roads came first.

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