£770m to be spent on cycling in London

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A total of £770 million will be spent on cycling improvements in London over the next five years.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan today (6 December) announced plans for two new Cycle Superhighways and a cycling bridge over the Thames.

He said: “By spending £770 million over the course of the next TfL Business Plan, we’ll now be spending the same per head as Denmark and the Netherlands – places famous around the world for their cycling.

“Our plans include consulting on two new Cycle Superhighways next year, in addition to a new East-West Route. And unlike the previous Mayor, we will continue to focus on how we can minimise disruption and congestion as we push ahead with the construction of new cycling infrastructure.

“With record amounts of money now committed for cycling in London, we will continue to work over the coming months developing further detailed plans for making cycling a safe and obvious choice for Londoners of all ages and backgrounds.”

Over the course of the Business Plan, up to 2021/2022, a total of £770m will be spent on infrastructure and initiatives to promote cycling. At an average of £154m per year, it is almost double the £79m per year spent over the last mayoral term. This investment represents an average £17 per head per annum and is on a par with Denmark and the Netherlands.
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