Government publishes response to automated vehicle consultation

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The Government's Centre for Connected and Automated Vehicles has published Pathway to driverless cars, its response to the consultation on proposals to support advanced driver assistance systems and automated vehicles.

In it, it says it received 428 responses and that, "We received positive support from both automotive, road safety, legal and insurance bodies with regard to our proposed approach to regulating for new vehicle technologies in a rolling programme of reform. We also received majority support across industries for focussing on near to market technologies. We will therefore continue to regulate in a rolling programme of reform. This will help to facilitate the introduction of innovative new technologies in a safe, agile and evidence-based manner for the benefit of UK consumers and business."

It adds that the next steps are to regulate in a rolling programme of reform, working closely with industry to identify near to market ADAS so that UK citizens and businesses can take advantage of innovative vehicle systems as soon as they reach the market, to take its insurance proposals for automated vehicles forward into the Modern Transport Bill, and that based on respondents’ feedback, to continue policy development in considering changes to facilitate the introduction of ADAS. As a part of this process, it will consider consulting on specific amendment proposals for those rules and regulations we highlighted in the consultation.

You can read it here.
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