Highways England reappoints Colin Matthews as chairman

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Colin Matthews has been reappointed as chairman of Highways England, the Government-owned company has announced.

Mr Matthews, who was first appointed in December 2014, has been reappointed for three years and will continue to be paid £130,000 a year for a minimum of 78 days’ work.

He said: ‘Over the past three years, Highways England has concentrated on safety, customer service and delivering the Government’s first five-year Road Investment Strategy.

‘We have made good progress, and much remains to be done in the second half of the period. We are already preparing for the second five-year investment period, fully aligned with the Government’s aims for our roads to be safer, smoother, and more sustainable by 2040 for the four million drivers who use them each day.’

Mr Matthews was previously chairman of the company’s predecessor, the Highways Agency. Prior to that he was chief executive officer of Heathrow Airport Holdings, formerly BAA.

His career has seen him serve as chief executive of Severn Trent Water PLC and of Hays PLC, as managing director of Transco Ltd and engineering director of British Airways PLC.

He holds a MA in engineering and an MBA, and is a Chartered Engineer.


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