Dart Charge

Dart Charge saves commuters 90 minutes a week


New figures released by Highways England show that journeys over the Dartford Crossing are up to 56% faster than before payment barriers were removed.

Work to improve Dartford Crossing almost complete


Work to improve the road layout around the Dartford Crossing is almost complete, Highways England has announced.

New Dartford tunnel safety system to go live


A new safety system that will help improve traffic flow at the Dartford Crossing will open for traffic next month.

Drivers complain of Dartford Crossing payment glitches


The AA has called for improvements to be made to the Dart Charge system after some drivers using the Dartford Crossing were charged twice due to glitches with the payment system.

Video shows Dart Charge progress


New footage has been released that shows the removal of the payment barriers at the Dartford Crossing.

Thousands being chased after failing to pay Dart Charge


More than 55,000 penalty charges remain unpaid from December after drivers failed to pay the Dart Charge at the Dartford Crossing.

Transport Secretary visits Dartford Crossing


Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin visited the Dartford Crossing yesterday (26 January 2015) to see the new Dart Charge payment system in action.

85% of drivers pay Dart Charge fee


Eighty five per cent of crossings have been paid for since the introduction of Dart Charge at the Dartford Crossing.

Dart Charge goes live


New payment arrangements went live at the Dartford Crossing yesterday (30 November 2014).

Dart Charge to go live


Dart Charge – a new way of paying the Dartford Crossing charge – will go live from 6am on Sunday (30 November 2014).

Thousands sign up for Dart Charge


More than 100,000 vehicles have registered for a Dart Charge account, the Highways Agency has revealed.

Dart Charge to go live


The way drivers pay the Dartford Crossing charge will change on Sunday 30 November 2014, the Highways Agency has confirmed.

Dart Charge to go live in November


The introduction of new free-flow charging technology at the Dartford Crossing has been delayed until November.

Video shows Dart Charge progress


Video has been released that shows the successful completion of the first phase of Dart Charge construction work at the Dartford Crossing.

Dart Charge gantries being installed at Dartford Crossing


Work has started to install gantries which will house signage and technology associated with the new Dart Charge remote payment system coming into operation at the Dartford Crossing from October 2014.

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