Ready, steady, gone: Transport Scotland removes traffic lights after trial

Chris Ames

Transport Scotland is set to permanently remove a set of traffic lights on the A96 in Nairn, following a successful trial.

The temporary removal of the signals at the A96/Albert Street junction began in November last year.

Transport Scotland said monitoring of the junction has shown that journey times through Nairn improved during the trial period, with no adverse impact on pedestrians or cyclists.

The permanent removal of the traffic signals is likely to take place later by the end of May.

Transport minister Humza Yousaf said: ‘We launched this trial after the community raised concerns about congestion in Nairn. Road safety will always be our main priority, and we are delighted that the changes improved journey times while maintaining a safe environment for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

‘Work will now begin to permanently remove the traffic signals and install a permanent pedestrian barrier so drivers can benefit from faster journey times, while also maintaining safe pedestrian crossing points.

‘The success of this trial is an excellent example of Transport Scotland working in collaboration with local councils and community groups to improve the road network within Scotland.’

The trial follows on-going collaboration between Transport Scotland, The Highland Council and local representatives in the Nairn Community Focus Group.

Cllr Tom Heggie, chair of the Nairn Community Focus Group, said: ‘The trial removal of the lights have proved to improve the traffic flow in Nairn. The proximity of two sets of lights was, on occasion, confusing.

‘We appreciate that there has been a considered and positive collaboration with the community and local representatives leading to this positive outcome.’

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