£5bn Highways Agency framework up for grabs

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A new-style collaborative delivery framework has been launched by the Highways Agency.    

Firms are now able to prequalify and the Agency is aiming to use the new framework for between £4 billion to £5bn of schemes over the next four to six years.

The CDF is designed to establish closer working ties with designers and Agency officials. Work will include projects like the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon, managed motorways, motorway widening, junctions, bypass schemes, asset renewal works and pinch points.

A suppliers’ day was held on 24 September in Birmingham.

There are four lots in total:

Lot 1 – Professional design and engineering services – up to 12 consultants


Lot 2 – Medium value construction works (schemes up to £25m) – up to 5 contractors


Lot 3A – High value construction works (£25m-£100m) – up to 6 contractors


Lot 3B – High value construction works (£100m-£450m) – up to 5 contractors


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