Essex CC to spend £300m on roads over next three years

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Essex County Council has committed to a £300 million programme of investment in its road network over the next three years.

Local roads are set to be the next area of focus with improvements to road surfaces, lighting and pavements carried out.

In 2016/17, £137m will be spent on driving the programme forward, which cabinet member for infrastructure, Cllr Rodney Bass said would add to the improvements which residents are already seeing.

He said: “We know how important this is to people and to businesses and we intend to continue that trend, with our attention now shifting to tackling defects on urban and rural roads and estates, investing in better lighting and better footpaths.

“We will also be looking at investing in particular roads and bridges and also in LED lighting. Overall, the highways maintenance budget is increasing by over 30% which is proof positive of our ambition to keep the quality of Essex’s road network up there with the best in the country.”

Cllr Eddie Johnson, cabinet member for highways delivery, added: “We have listened. We have listened when local people have told us that cracks and holes in the roads and pavements matter. We have listened when business has told us that getting from A to B easily and quickly helps them to prosper. We have listened to the partners who have said that alongside the new homes and jobs we desperately need good infrastructure.”
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