Resurfacing works in Hertfordshire almost complete

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Hertfordshire's programme of summer resurfacing works to extend the life of roads in the county is almost complete.

Surface dressing has been carried out on around 70 roads – a total of 705,000 square metres of carriageway. It is all part of a full range of routine maintenance and improvements the council undertakes each year, on roads, pavements, street lights, and bridges.

Terry Douris, cabinet member for highways, said: "Hertfordshire's 3,000 miles of road are among the busiest in the country. That's why, despite the huge financial pressures we face, Hertfordshire County Council continues to invest heavily in our roads. We are spending more than ever before on repairs as part of our ongoing commitment to maintain and improve our roads to ensure they are as safe and well maintained as possible.”

The process involves hot bitumen being sprayed onto the road and granite chippings spread and rolled in. The chippings are further embedded by two or more rollers that follow closely behind. An excess of chippings are used to ensure the road is completely covered and sealed.
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