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Car litter louts are the biggest bugbear for drivers, according to a new AA Populus poll.

More than one quarter of drivers (28%) think that people throwing rubbish out the window is the most annoying habit in the summer.

In the last three years there have been over 364,000 bags of litter collected from the roadsides along England’s main roads according to Highways England. That is over 330 bags collected a day, and each bag roughly costs £40 to tax payers.

The total sum spent on collecting rubbish from the roadside is over £14,500,000. Collecting the litter also puts road workers’ lives at risk.

The next most annoying thing during the summer for drivers is large groups of cyclists cited by 21% of men and 23% of woman.


The top ten summer pet hates are:

  1. Car Litter louts

  2. Large groups of cyclists

  3. Dodgy parkers

  4. Slow caravans

  5. Car ghetto blasters

  6. Dawdling drivers

  7. Sightseers

  8. Tractor boys

  9. Overloaded cars

  10. Groups of motorcyclists


AA president Edmund King said: “Car litter louts are a needless menace who cost the country millions, spoil our environment and put road workers’ lives at risk. There is no excuse for tossing out litter. Car occupants should bag it and bin it at home.

“Many of the other pet hates concerned groups slowing drivers down by being lost, slow or indecisive. Drivers need to be more patient in the summer on the roads because anything can happen. By checking your car, route and being prepared, means that drivers are less likely to get hot under the collar and more likely to reach their destinations safely.”
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