Traffic light row in Portsmouth

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The leader of Portsmouth City Council has hit-out over delays in getting new traffic lights up and running.

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson has written to electronics firm Siemens Mobility to express his exasperation at the "lack of urgency" displayed by its engineers.

The News reported he wrote: "I am writing to you in exasperation as several sets of roadworks in Portsmouth have been on hold for some time.

"A number of traffic signal orders have been placed with your organisation on behalf of Portsmouth City Council by our PFI contractor Colas.

"Although you are subcontracting to Colas, the delays in completing the traffic signal works has had a significant impact on the residents of Portsmouth and we as a council have to address those problems."

He added: "I am extremely frustrated with the lack of urgency that is being given to these orders and consequently leading me to receive several complaints from residents."

A spokesman for Siemens said that some of the work was due to be completed this week and all the junctions would soon be working.

He said: "Siemens continues to have a good working relationship with both Portsmouth City Council and their highways partner, Colas, and can confirm the company is not in dispute with either party.

"The original programme of works has suffered various delays outside of the direct control of Siemens.

"We can confirm that all parties are working together effectively to conclude the programme of works as quickly as possible."
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