Road workers in Scotland get new battery-powered workwear

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Scotland TranServ is rolling out a new range of high visibility garments to help improve the health and safety of road workers across south west Scotland.

Working with personal protective equipment (PPE) supplier Fhoss, Scotland TranServ is reinventing the hi-viz wardrobe for employees working through the night on the roads, not only improving visibility, but also the safety of workers and motorists alike.

Scotland TranServ’s health and safety manager Brian Hume said: “We’ve been working closely with Fhoss Technology to develop this product for use by road workers in what will be a first for Scotland. The health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance to Scotland TranServ as we work on behalf of Transport Scotland to improve the trunk road network across the south west. By increasing the visibility of our employees working across the region we are also improving the safety of drivers, ensuring they have the distance to react and slow down ahead of the work area.”

Taking a lead from the railway industry where, due to the speed and braking distance of trains, employees need to be seen from a significant distance, our teams are pioneering a first for Scotland’s road construction and maintenance industry.

Andrew Kimitri, Fhoss CEO added: “We’ve been working closely with Scotland TranServ over the last few months to develop the product’s capabilities in the field. Following a successful trial the trunk roads operator is now ready to roll out our product to key employees. We hope other such organisations observe their use of this technology and follow a similar personal safety lead.”

Fhoss powered light safety wear will allow drivers to see our road workers from 300 metres, even in harsh conditions (up to 1.5 miles in perfect conditions). The illuminating strip works by using orafal reflexite prismatic technology combined with a battery powered illuminated core. This means that unlike traditional high visibility tape, Fhoss illuminates without the need for ambient light such as vehicle headlights or street lights.

Russell Rennie, Scotland TranServ’s contract director, said: “The health and safety of our employees and those of our contractors is of the utmost importance to Scotland TranServ. We are looking to the latest innovations from a number of related industries to make our workers safer. Having trialled this product with a handful of our employees last year, we are now preparing to roll it out to other significant parts of our business. If motorists are able to see our workers from a longer distance then they have more time to take appropriate action and this should help to keep them safer too.”

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