Survey shows widespread dissatisfaction with state of roads

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A new survey carried out by technology company Yotta has revealed widespread public dissatisfaction with the UK road network.

Almost two-thirds (62%) of road users believe that the overall state of our roads and surrounding infrastructure has declined over the past five years.

More than a quarter of respondents (28%) say they have experienced damage to their vehicle because of road imperfections.

“In the light of this survey, Philip Hammond’s announcement that Britain will continue to fund EU infrastructure projects post-Brexit will be warmly welcomed. However, councils and local authorities urgently need to wake up to their responsibilities in maintaining this infrastructure and recognise the strength of feeling from the public,” says Simon Topp, director of marketing and international business, Yotta.

“When we asked our sample about government cuts in spending on the road network, 29% - the highest percentage overall, saw some cuts as necessary, but wondered why local roads had to bear the brunt, while spending on major highways was largely protected. Another 26% regarded funding cuts on local roads as ‘unacceptable’. There’s a general feeling that the standard of upkeep has got worse, but without urgent action, is likely to deteriorate further.”

When asked what single improvement a council could make to the local road network that would most positively impact their quality of life, more than half (55%) of those polled answered “fill in local potholes”.
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