Liverpool to build new salt barn for better gritting

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Liverpool City Council is making sure there will be sufficient grit available to see the city through the worst of Winter weather.

The authority is planning to build a salt barn so it can store enough grit to last throughout the winter with the salt being maintained in good condition.

A report to the council’s cabinet, to be considered today, recommends spending £345,000 on the barn which will be built at the Newton Road Depot. Its construction is subject to planning permission which is currently being sought.

Currently road salt is stored in the open air at Newton Road. The depot has a maximum capacity of 2,000 tonnes.

But in the last four years the council has used on average 3,400 tonnes each winter and has had to rely on deliveries during Autumn and winter when demand and costs are at their highest.  The salt barn would have a capacity of 5,000 tonnes.

“On every level – practical, financial and environmental - it makes sense for us to have a salt barn,” said Councillor Malcolm Kennedy, cabinet member for regeneration and transport.

“It will enable us to store enough salt to see us through the worst winter and we will not have to buy emergency supplies, when prices go sky-high, as we start to run out.

“Stockpiling salt in the current way renders much of useless and harms the environment.  Perhaps this is something that should have been considered years ago but at least now motorists can be assure that we will be much more efficient in trying to kept the roads clear of snow and ice.”

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