Motorcyclists targeted in road safety drive

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Transport Minister Edwina Hart has called on motorcyclists to ride safely and responsibly in Wales.  

In a written statement on motorcycling she provides an update on the Welsh Government’s approach to encouraging safe and responsible motorcycling in Wales.

The statement reads as follows: “In May this year, I made a statement on how we are working with partners to improve the safety of motorcyclists on Welsh roads. I published the Road Safety Framework in July, which includes a target to reduce the numbers of killed and seriously injured motorcyclists by 25% by 2020 and sets out the actions we and others will take to achieve this.

“All road users can have an impact on the communities through which they travel and I am aware, from concerns that members have raised with me, that this applies to motorcyclists too.

“Motorcycling has many positive impacts. As a mode of transport, it can improve people’s access to employment and reduce congestion. As a leisure activity, it contributes to the Welsh economy generally through the purchase and maintenance of motorbikes and equipment, and it also brings significant benefits to the local economy in popular destinations and along the routes riders take.

“Coupled with this however may be downsides for local communities. These are linked to the noise generated and the perception of speed, particularly when riders travel in larger groups, but also include the often distressing impact of collisions. The majority of riders behave responsibly and courteously, but even a minority can cause distress and sour relations between riders and locals.”

Hart is committed to working with the police and other partners in an effort to change rider behaviour and to reduce negative impacts on local communities, particularly in Mid Wales.

She added: “As part of this, we will explore the potential benefits of publicity and awareness raising initiatives as well as the development of effective messages that can be incorporated into all the activities that are targeted at motorcyclists.”

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