Somerset road plans criticised for lack of detail

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Plans to turn a dual a busy section of road in Somerset road are being criticised by a local council for lacking detail.

The BBC reports Taunton Deane Borough Council says it is unable to give a full response to a consultation over the A358 upgrade between Taunton and Southfields because the plans lacked detail and only one option had been submitted.

The road scheme is part of the last government's £15bn roads project.

The BBC quotes Highways England as saying the consultation offered "the chance to see our initial proposal at an early stage", and that, "Publication of more detailed plans and consultation is due to follow in 2018, where everyone will have another chance to comment and provide feedback."

The report goes on to say that parish councillors in the A358 area have also told the BBC they are unhappy with the initial proposals, siting concerns about noise, pollution, how the new junction would work with the M5 and the location of the new section of road linking the A358 to the M5.

(Picture - Highways England)

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