Amey's road patchers can fix potholes in two minutes

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A machine that can fix potholes in two minutes will soon be seen on the roads in East Anglia and the East of England.

Amey has invested £500,000 on the patchers and a high-speed sweeper.

The road patchers can be fully controlled from the cab, meaning there will be less need for workers to be on the carriage which in turn will improve road worker safety.

As the potholes can be fixed in two minutes, there will be no need for traffic management.

Margaret Seear, business director for Amey said: “Things like potholes can be a real headache for drivers and we are pleased to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution that has real benefits for our customer, our employees and road users.”

The high-speed sweeper has a unit towed behind a tipper and can sweep at 20km per hour allowing roads to be swept more regularly, which will allow the road to deteriorate slower and improve its condition.

Amey has a five year contract to improve and maintain routes through Area 6 which covers Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and parts of Cambridgeshire and Area 8, covering Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes.
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