Research "reveals Britain's worst roads"

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An independent investigation using Freedom of Information requests says it can reveal the worst roads in Britain to drive on.

Car Parts 4 Less gathered council data to find the most complained about roads across England and created an online tool to help drivers avoid the worst routes, based on the number of complaints.

It says the worst five are Cottage Lane in Lancashire with 271 complaints, followed by the A57 Liverpool Road in Salford with 199, Chester Road in Chester received 162 while there were 136 for Topsham Road in Exeter and 115 for the Bingley Relieve Road in Bradford borough.

The company says the data, "shows the North-West is bearing the brunt of England’s terrible tarmac, with the top three worst roads found in Lancashire, Salford and Cheshire".

It adds that Lancashire Council was given £120,445,000 for 2015/16 to help maintain and repair roads in the area.  The authority spent the most (£1,760) on Chapel Lane, despite Cottage Lane being the most complained about road.

Potholes cost UK drivers almost £684 million in car repairs annually, with one pothole compensation claim made every 17 minutes.  Many disgruntled drivers have taken to social media sites to voice their complaints.

The company adds that English roads are so infamously bumpy that Japanese car manufacturer Honda had to build a four mile testing track that mimicked British roads to see if its cars were hardy enough to survive our tarmac.

Nearly £2.3 million was paid by the government in compensation to drivers whose cars were damaged by pesky potholes in the past year. The Asphalt Industry Alliance reported a threefold increase in the number of potholes in 2013 alone.

The report says the councils that spent the most on road maintenance in the last 12 months were Devon, West Berkshire, Bolton, Redbridge and Darlington.

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