Speeding levels shock Tayside police

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Tayside police caught 687 speeding motorists during a ten-day enforcement campaign.

Officers from Northern Constabulary and Tayside Police have "expressed concerns" following confirmation of final figures from A9 enforcement campaign from Perth to Inverness.

The campaign involved partners from VOSA, Northern and Tayside Camera Partnerships as well as officers from both forces.

Acting Inspector Norman MacLeod, on behalf of Northern Constabulary's Road Policing Unit, said: "Despite our best efforts to encourage motorists to drive responsibly and within the speed limits, there is still an alarming number of people detected not doing so.

"Both Forces are disappointed in the numbers committing these offences especially when speed can quite often be a contributing factor to collisions and therefore casualty numbers.”

The enforcement campaign also strived to enhance road safety by encouraging more responsible driver behaviour amongst road users, including not using mobile phones whilst driving and wearing seatbelts.

One motorist was found not to be wearing a seatbelt and 33 detected using their mobile phones whilst driving.

MacLeod said: "We cannot stress enough that one motorist committing such an offence is one too many. I am encouraged to see that nearly all motorists are wearing seatbelts but so disappointed that so many people are still using their mobile phones whilst driving.

"It only takes a minute to pull over to use your phone, but that minute spent driving could cost yours and others lives.”

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