Resurfacing goes wrong in Bracknell

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A 20mph speed limit has been imposed on the A322 in Bracknell after problems with resurfacing work.
Resurfacing took place last weekend but the material used failed to bond effectively and motorists have complained of materials sticking to their cars.

An inspection this week showed significant areas on both carriageways between Coral Reed roundabout and Swinley Road where the material failed.

The problem was so bad temporary lane closures were introduced.

Bracknell Forest Council and its contractors RIS will continue to sweep loose chippings from the road under a rolling off-peak temporary lane closure.

Anthony Radford-Foley, highways asset manager, said: “We’re not sure why the resurfacing work failed over the weekend and we continue to investigate what happened.

“Our first priority is always to keep road users safe, so we had no choice but to keep the temporary lane closure in place until the carriageway was safe for people to use again. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

“Remedial work to restore the road will be carried out as soon as practically possible.”
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